The Commerce Team Global become a Salesforce Ridge Partner!



The Commerce Team Global strive to provide the best technology integration services for all their clients and are recognised for their expertise and development across the Salesforce Commerce Cloud portfolio.

We are delighted to become a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner and have come a long way on our journey since inception. Achieving this level means that we are authorised to implement projects, create custom solutions, and help you elevate your platforms to reach new heights.

To proceed to this level, as a partner we have proved our expertise and have completed:

  • A required number of projects
  • Certifications at level 3 and level 4 for our team

Salesforce Ridge partners receive recognition for outstanding achievements across areas such as growth, innovation, impact and customer success.

It also means partners are able to grow their implementation capacity, expand on Salesforce product knowledge and expertise, strengthen client success and performance and support self-learning for their staff through the Trailblazer platform.

What does this mean for clients and partners?

To engage with The Commerce Team Global as a Ridge partner you can be assured that:

  • We excel in communication
  • Offer a highly skilled team
  • Apply our knowledge of Salesforce products and technology to suit your business needs
  • Have perfected risk management
  • Will exceed your outcomes
  • Create a sustainable solution for you

Through our community impact and social responsibility initiatives we are also recognised for the support we provide in communities and score highly for equality and sustainable development through our staff volunteering drive, planting of trees and supporting diversity in our workforce. We are excited to continue this in 2023 and beyond to become more active social impact change makers in our sector.

There is so much more to come!

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