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E-commerce Strategy

E-commerce Tech Audits:

Boost your online store's engine with an E-commerce Technical Audit. This deep dive covers: 

  • Security: Are customer data and transactions airtight?
  • Performance: Is your site a speed demon or a sluggish snail?
  • SEO: Can search engines navigate your virtual shelves?
  • Mobile: Does your storefront shine on any screen?
  • Payments: Do transactions flow smoothly, without hiccups? 

Uncover weaknesses before they become dealbreakers. Optimise performance, tighten security, and watch conversions soar. 

Invest in a technical audit - it's like a tune-up for your online store! 

2.7 Billion people shop online

£5.8 Trillion in eCommerce revenue (2023)

40% expected growth in sales online

E-commerce Strategy

We help people make better decisions and provide solutions for e-commerce websites. We are not generalists; we are specialists that understand commerce and how to define the right approach for your business. 

What We Offer

E-commerce Tech Architecture & Design

Building a successful online store goes beyond just design and products. A robust technical architecture is the backbone, ensuring a smooth, secure, and scalable shopping experience.

Key Components

Presentation Layer (Frontend): The beautiful storefront customers see, built with user-friendly interfaces and fast loading times. Imagine the attractive product displays and intuitive navigation bar

Business Logic Layer: The brains behind the operation, handling product catalogs, orders, and payments. Think of it as the efficient manager processing orders and updating inventory

Data Layer (Backend): The secure vault housing product information, customer data, and transaction details. Picture a robust database ensuring everything is protected and accessible

Popular Architectures

Monolithic: All components tightly coupled, like a one-piece building. Simple to manage but less flexible and scalable.
Microservices: Independent building blocks working together, allowing for easier updates and scaling. Imagine modular units that can be added or replaced as needed.
Headless: Decoupled frontend and backend, offering flexibility for custom integrations and diverse platforms. Think of a sleek storefront connected to a powerful engine under the hood.

Choosing the Right One

Consider your business size, growth plans, and budget. A basic store might thrive with a monolithic setup, while a large platform might benefit from the scalability of microservices.
Remember: Your tech architecture is the foundation of your e-commerce business. Choose wisely and build a secure, flexible, and scalable platform for long-term success!

Consider budget & tech savvy

Some platforms are beginner-friendly with built-in features, while others require more development expertise. Cost also varies – factor in monthly fees, transaction charges, and potential customisation needs.
Free trials & demos: Take platforms for a spin! See if the interface feels intuitive and if features match your needs.
Don't neglect support: Check what kind of customer support each platform offers – live chat, phone, email – and how responsive they are.
Embrace the journey! Finding the right platform is like finding your dream home – invest time, compare options, and choose the one that makes your e-commerce heart sing.

Address Verification

Advanced software capturing, verifying, and enriching global address data providing precise location information 

AI Content

Commerce experiences powered by faster content management to plan, create, preview and launch


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